IDA Toolkit

In 2010, the Chalmers Center piloted Asset-Driven Development of Chattanooga (ADDC), an IDA hub that was established to provide training and back-office support to ministries in the Chattanooga area interested in establishing and operating IDA programs. The videos and accompanying resources provide a self-paced course of study for ministries to lay the foundations for starting matched savings programs.

Although ADDC no longer exists to provide IDA training and support services, the information and materials available here are relevant beginning points for churches interested in starting a matched savings ministry. The gospel-centered, relational framework (found in the book When Helping Hurts) that underlies this Toolkit provides a unique perspective to starting an IDA program.

Foundations for Matched Savings

With Steve Corbett, Co-Author of When Helping Hurts and Professor of Community Development at Covenant College

Setting up Your Matched Savings Task Force

With Jerilyn Sanders with task force leader Bethany Lane

Interview with Margaret Gilbert: Director of a Local IDA Program

With Jerilyn Sanders and Margaret Gilbert of Bradley Initiative for Church & Community

Drafting Your Matched Savings Policies

Jerilyn Sanders, Director of Asset-Driven Development of Chattanooga

Although the Chalmers Center is not piloting new IDA programs at this juncture, we would love to hear from those of you who successfully start a matched savings program using this Toolkit! Send us your stories at [email protected].