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Address the broken relationships at the root of material poverty

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Apply the design thinking process and principles to your ministry

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Develop creative, sustainable solutions to help people

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When it comes to poverty alleviation we quickly find that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. While we often want a “recipe,” what we actually need is a framework to apply within our unique context.

Using the best practices in community development and easy-to-use innovation tools, Innovate equips your team with a biblical framework to develop poverty alleviation ministries that foster real change.

Learn how to embed Chalmers' DNA into your church or organization and get virtual coaching from the Innovation Team.

How Innovate works

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Gather your team

Register a team of 3-7 people from your church, community, or ministry.

Practical Training For Your Team

Get trained

Join us for 8 live online coaching sessions and breakouts with other leaders.

Test Your Idea

Test your idea

Design and test a creative idea for helping people in your community.

PRODUCT Innovation


Get tools to help you keep learning and improving your ministry.

Through an eight-week blend of live Zoom sessions, exercises in each team’s community, and carefully selected videos and readings, Innovate aligns your team and helps your ministry empower people in material poverty. 

You'll need to set aside about 30 hours to complete your innovation journey.

Meet your guides Learn from experienced innovation experts

You'll be learning from design thinking and innovation experts, Tabitha Kapic and Adrian Reid, and Dr. Brian Fikkert, co-author of When Helping Hurts, Becoming Whole, and founder of the Chalmers Center.

Brian Fikkert
Brian Fikkert
Tabitha Kapic
Tabitha Kapic
Adrian Reid
Adrian Reid
WATCH NOW: What Is Innovate? A Tour of Innovate

Join Tabitha Kapic, Director of Innovation at the Chalmers Center, for an overview of how Innovate helps foster real change in your community.

Innovate is trusted by 200+ churches and nonprofits worldwide


“I appreciate the work you guys are doing so much because it’s causing paradigm shifts that need to happen. So much more Christ-centered, so much more Gospel-centered, and so much more hopeful.” 

Susan Moffitt
Director of Family Care
Palmer Home, Nashville TN

Yaneth Aguirre

When I took Innovate for the first time in Nicaragua, it was a great learning experience. We were introduced to a new model to carry out initiatives with existing resources in a very creative way, with biblical, easy and reproducible tools, where projects can be developed in a short time, where we can have the opportunity to show God's love. 

Free Methodists


“I think one of the great things you guys were able to do is somehow guide people through the process who are at very different points.  Regardless of where you’re at in the process, if you want to be a good neighbor, this is a fantastic place to start.”

Crystal Davy
Worship Director & Outreach Coordinator
Grace Chapel, Nebraska


“The idea of working together as a team, bringing out innovative ideas and ways of really ministering to the local church spoke volumes to me. I learned from Chalmers the emphasis of human flourishing. I think that’s really all it is about God’s story of change.”

Evah Mugari
Partners in Transformation, Zimbabwe

Blake Schwarz

"The [Innovate] design process led by Chalmers gives me hope because it helps church leaders move from talking about issues to implementing solutions."

Blake Schwarz
Director of Fellows & PCPC at Work
Park Cities Presbyterian Church
Dallas, TX

Michael Rhodes

"This process has really helped me believe that we can equip people to live out the kingdom... I'm more confident that we can help people use their influence to make substantial changes."

Dr. Michael Rhodes
Lecturer in Old Testament
Carey Baptist College, New Zealand

Sarah Lockridge-Steckel

"It made me personally think about ideas that are outside the realm of what I would have normally thought about. Trusting each of the steps has been really powerful and has allowed us to create something together."

Sarah Lockridge-Steckel
Co-Founder & CEO
The Collective Blueprint
Memphis, TN

Laura Green

"It's been really encouraging to see our team use this process to center the actual articulated needs of the communities we serve, as the focus of how we help."

Laura Green
Executive Director
Tekton Career Training
Atlanta, GA

Chalmers resources are trusted by:

Love INC
Prison Fellowship
HOPE International
Compassion International

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  • 8 live online sessions that teach your team how to practically help without hurting.
  • Bonus! Additional equipping tools from the Chalmers online-resource library.

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