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Helping that Helps: Principles for Ministry

By Brian Fikkert | September 6, 2019

How do we build ministries that address the five root causes of poverty? Here’s an introduction to some key principles that you can apply where you are.

Rethinking Sacred Space

By Anne Miller | September 6, 2019

How one local church is opening its space to neighbors in new ways—and seeing God transform lives in the process.

Addressing the Five Causes of Poverty

By Brian Fikkert | August 6, 2019

There are five big things that create material poverty and keep people trapped in it. Learn the five causes of poverty—and how you can begin to address them.

Investing Long-Term through the Local Church

By Austin Humbles | August 6, 2019

How one church is working to build closer relationships with their low-income neighbors in Jackson, MS—and how your church can do the same.

The Transforming Power of Work

By Laura Haley | August 5, 2019

Project Connect Nashville is working to help people “get out and stay out” of poverty through relationships and connections with local churches. Check out our interview with the Project Connect team!

Living into the Story

By Brian Fikkert | July 8, 2019

God is working out His reconciling story in this broken world. The Bible doesn’t provide us with a detailed script for this story—but it does give us the overall direction of God’s unfolding plan. What does this mean for our efforts to help people who are poor?

More in Common

By Laura Haley | July 8, 2019

In American culture, there’s often a divide between rural and urban dwellers. Yet when two leaders from these communities view their lives through a holistic Gospel lens, they find surprising common ground. Listen as they discuss fatherhood, marriage, discipleship, death, and hope in Christ.

God’s Battle for Your Bank Account

By Michael Rhodes | May 31, 2019

The tomatoes caught me off guard. Sitting in a small Anglican church in Kenya, I was prepared for the invitation to put some money in the offering plate. I was not prepared for tomatoes. But that’s what the members of that farming village brought. Tomatoes, avocadoes, maybe even a chicken or two, all brought up…

Why Bother with the Local Church?

By Brian Fikkert | May 31, 2019

Your local church is a place where God dwells with His people in a special way. Is your church welcoming people who are poor back into the dwelling place of God?

A Mother’s Journey Out of Extreme Poverty

By Austin Humbles | May 31, 2019
Djaka Djigbodji and her family

Djaka Djigbodji is one of the millions of mothers who are raising families in extreme poverty. But through the local church, people like her are finding hope.