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Shout It Aloud and Do Not Hold Back

Local Church

The Local Church in a Pandemic World

Kingdom Partners

Churches Supporting Churches

Welcome to Chalmers

A (Re)orientation to Chalmers Resources

What is normal?

What is Normal?

Benevolence Webinar

Benevolence in an Economic Crisis

Innovate Webinar

Innovation in a Crisis Webinar

Help in a crisis

What’s the Best Way to Provide Help in a Crisis?

Our hope is in the resurrection

The Easter Epidemic

We're All Poor

We’re All Poor

Banking on the church

Banking on the Church

5 Ways to Respond

COVID-19: 5 Ways Your Church Can Respond

Riding Out the Storm Together

Riding Out the Storm Together

Interview with Brian Fikkert: Redefining Success for Poverty Alleviation

Redefining “Success” for Poverty Alleviation

First Step in Poverty Alleviation

The First Step in Poverty Alleviation

Kelly Kapic

Practicing What We Teach

Light streaming through windows in a ruined building

Broken Systems, Broken People

Woman serving soup in a soup kitchen

Signs You May Be Enabling Someone

Michael Rhodes Podcast

Why Potlucks are Important