Helping Without Hurting

Broken Systems, Broken People

Brian Fikkert / February 4, 2020
Helping Without Hurting

Signs You May Be Enabling Someone


Why Potlucks are Important

What Should I Do When People Ask for Money?

By Laura Haley | December 9, 2019

When someone comes up to you on the street and asks for money, what’s the right way to respond? Check out this short video!

Hosting a potluck

Your Church is a Family

By Justin Lonas | December 9, 2019

Your local church can do something for the materially poor that no other organization can do: be a family. What does a loving family look like?

Small Town America

The Kingdom at Work in Small-Town America

By Anne Miller | December 9, 2019

How a medical ministry in rural Georgia has expanded—and focused—their efforts to help their neighbors.

Startups, Social Impact, and the Church

Startups, Social Impact, and the Church

By Laura Haley | December 6, 2019

The local church can become a catalyst for starting local businesses and creating social impact within their communities. Hear how from a panel of entrepreneurs.

Helping Orphans and Vulnerable Children without Hurting

By Gena Thomas | November 12, 2019

One of the primary ways many American Christians encounter extreme poverty is in caring for orphans and vulnerable children. How do we help children without hurting them?

Jasmine Brown Work Life participant

Moving from Fear to Confidence

By Anne Miller | November 12, 2019

With support from her local church, Jasmine discovered the skills and confidence she needed to get a job—and thrive at work.

Understanding the Effects of Trauma

By Laura Haley | November 6, 2019

Trauma is often caused by and contributes to material poverty. As we walk alongside materially poor people, how can we be more aware of trauma they may have experienced?

Building Community Inside Prison Walls

By Laura Haley | October 10, 2019

Our friend Brenda McGowan of Crossroads Prison Ministries shares about her experiences working with people who are incarcerated—and how the answer to mass incarceration is the mass mobilization of the church!

Kelly M. Kapic

Start with the Story

By Kelly M. Kapic | October 10, 2019

When you’re doing ministry, it can feel like telling stories doesn’t count as “real” work. But telling the biblical story—focusing on what God has done, is doing, and will do—is crucial to poverty alleviation.

Cortny and her son Braxton

Cortny’s Story: Surprised by Restoration

By Anne Miller | October 10, 2019

How a single mom overcame obstacles, experienced healing, and became a mentor for others in the process.