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Illustration of a hand holding a bag of money

Social Mobility or Restored Community: What Is Money for?

Financial education is a key part of helping people in poverty experience greater flourishing. But when we try to educate others about finances, it often reveals what we really believe about money. What stories do we believe about money—and what stories are we telling other people?

Pam from First Pres

From Fear to Flourishing: Pam’s Story

When Pam approached First Presbyterian Church, she needed help with her rent. But what she found was a supportive family willing to walk with her during a difficult time.

Kingdom Partners

Churches Supporting Churches

In some places, there are churches on every corner—but they often stay disconnected. Listen to this episode of Rethink Poverty and hear how one local ministry is working to change that.

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A (Re)orientation to Chalmers Resources

Whether you’re new to Chalmers or have been with us for many years, this online guide will help you get connected to the right tools for your ministry.

Benevolence in an Economic Crisis Webinar

Benevolence in an Economic Crisis

In a global pandemic and economic crisis, helping your neighbors in need can seem like an impossible task! But your church can do something to help. Watch this webinar to learn more!

Innovating in a Crisis Webinar

Innovation in a Crisis Webinar

Recently, we hosted Innovation in a Crisis, a free webinar to help churches discover how to love their neighbors in creative ways during the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch a replay here!

Small Town America

The Kingdom at Work in Small-Town America

How a medical ministry in rural Georgia has expanded—and focused—their efforts to help their neighbors.

Startups, Social Impact, and the Church

Startups, Social Impact, and the Church

The local church can become a catalyst for starting local businesses and creating social impact within their communities. Hear how from a panel of entrepreneurs.

Jasmine Brown Work Life participant

Moving from Fear to Confidence

With support from her local church, Jasmine discovered the skills and confidence she needed to get a job—and thrive at work.

Trauma-Informed Care with Suzanne Burns

Understanding the Effects of Trauma

Trauma is often caused by and contributes to material poverty. As we walk alongside materially poor people, how can we be more aware of trauma they may have experienced?

Building Community Inside Prison Walls podcast with Brenda McGowan

Building Community Inside Prison Walls

Our friend Brenda McGowan of Crossroads Prison Ministries shares about her experiences working with people who are incarcerated—and how the answer to mass incarceration is the mass mobilization of the church!

Trinity Community Commons

Rethinking Sacred Space

How one local church is opening its space to neighbors in new ways—and seeing God transform lives in the process.

Group of people discussing Are You a Good Neighbor?

Investing Long-Term through the Local Church

How one church is working to build closer relationships with their low-income neighbors in Jackson, MS—and how your church can do the same.

Work Life grad

The Transforming Power of Work

Project Connect Nashville is working to help people “get out and stay out” of poverty through relationships and connections with local churches. Check out our interview with the Project Connect team!

Faith & Finances

How to Budget for Your Faith & Finances Class

Getting people together always requires financial resources—and Faith & Finances is no different. There are a few costs that you’ll need to plan for, such as purchasing Participant Guides, hosting meals, or providing childcare. You’ll need to create a simple budget for your Faith & Finances class and identify funding sources to cover those costs.

Faith & Finances Class

How to Find and Train Allies

As participants go through your 12-week financial education class, they’ll need lots of relational support and encouragement along the way. That’s where allies come in! Finding and training the right people to serve as allies can be a challenge. But over the years, we’ve learned a few things that can help you recruit the right people for the job.

Faith & Finances Class

How to Find Participants for Your Faith & Finances Class

Finding folks to join your Faith & Finances class can be a challenge, especially if your church or ministry doesn’t have existing connections with people who can benefit from Faith & Finances. But there are a few things you can do to get the word out.

Laura Haley and Vicki Conn

Interview: Vicki Conn of Love INC

Chalmers staff member Laura Haley sat down with Vicki Conn, Director of Love INC of Greater Holmes County, to discuss how local churches are transforming lives and communities in the name of Christ.