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How can I arrange for Brian Fikkert, Steve Corbett, or another Chalmers staff member to speak at my upcoming event?

Please contact us to arrange a speaking request. We receive a high volume of requests and carefully consider all requests, but we are only able to accept a small number of invitations.

Can I have someone from Chalmers connect with my church or ministry to help us change our approach to poverty or implement your principles and resources?

Yes, you can! Chalmers has a network of certified Ambassadors who have completed a rigorous training program that prepares them to present Chalmers’ principles, resources, and tools for developing a biblical framework for poverty alleviation.

In addition, our Ambassadors also have extensive experience in various ministry sectors. If your church or ministry is looking for support in a particular sector, we will work to match you with an Ambassador familiar with your ministry sector.

Fill out an application to start the process.

Do you offer any onsite training at your offices or at Covenant College?

We do not offer on-site training at either our offices or at Covenant College.

I’m unable to stream online video. Can I download the videos for Helping Without Hurting in Short-Term Missions or When Helping Hurts: The Small Group Experience?

Due to copyright considerations, these videos are not available for download.

Do you have online courses or training events for international ministry?

Chalmers focuses our international work on training church and ministry leaders in specific areas of West Africa and through partnerships with other organizations. We do no presently offer online training for individuals in the Majority World. To inquire about organizations in your country or region that are using Chalmers’ materials, please contact us.

Can I order books from the Chalmers Center?

We don’t sell our own books, but you can purchase them directly from our publishers (Moody, Zondervan, and Baker) or through your favorite bookseller.

Can you recommend reputable organizations for me to donate money to that follow the principles of When Helping Hurts?

We don't make formal recommendations of ministries or organizations that follow the principles described in When Helping Hurts. We encourage you to prayerfully consider the potential organization in light of the following questions:

  • Does the organization recognize the relational complexity of poverty? Or does it see poverty alleviation as primarily about giving material things to the materially poor?
  • Does the organization work through or in conjunction with local churches?
  • Does the organization seem to understand the distinction between relief, rehabilitation, and development?
  • Does the organization seem to apply the principles of participatory, asset-based development?
I'm interested in an internship with the Chalmers Center. What are my options?

At present, we do not have any regular internships. You can check our Careers page for current job openings.

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