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Restore savings groups

Stories of Transformation from our Partners in West Africa

For over a decade, Chalmers has worked in West Africa to launch RESTORE savings group ministries that have helped people living in extreme poverty to experience healing, peace, and freedom through restored relationships with God, self, others, and creation. This work allows us to speak from a place of experience and authenticity as we partner…


Seed Effect Brings Chalmers’ Principles to Northern Uganda

In 2009, Seed Effect set out with a commitment to bringing Christ-centered economic empowerment to South Sudan. Seven years into ministry, civil war returned to the already fragile country—forcing Seed Effect to rethink their approach as they relocated to Northern Uganda.

With Chalmers’ influence, Seed Effect made a quick pivot—they added a savings-led model—that allowed their members to flourish.

Leya and members of her savings group

Nobody Gave Her a Dollar: Leya’s Story

Editor’s note: As we’ve been sharing about the importance of walking well with churches in the majority world, we’ve made mention several times of Chalmers’ partners in this work. This story is from our partners at HOPE International, who have faithfully expanded church-based savings groups in multiple countries over the past several years.  Just before…

Women in a savings group in West Africa

Real Churches, Real Change

Through the Chalmers Center’s Restore: Savings curriculum and our network of trainers and partners, thousands of local churches in the Majority World have been equipped to launch savings groups. In church after church, we’ve seen God take the mustard seeds of people’s savings and grow them into a harvest of hope in the midst of deep poverty. 

Local Churches, Local Resources, Lasting Change

Local Churches, Local Resources, Lasting Change

Microfinance can be a powerful tool for helping people escape extreme poverty. When we shift our thinking, it can be even more powerful. How can we make the most of the opportunities microfinance provides?

Djaka Djigbodji and her family

A Mother’s Journey Out of Extreme Poverty

Djaka Djigbodji is one of the millions of mothers who are raising families in extreme poverty. But through the local church, people like her are finding hope.

Kwazi smiling

A Shared Vision of God’s Kingdom

We’re joining with strategic partners around the world to develop biblical, innovative approaches to poverty—and to equip more churches than ever before. This year, we’re celebrating our emerging partnership with Tearfund, a UK-based church-equipping organization. Tearfund has mobilized a worldwide network of more than 154,000 local churches in some of the most challenging places on earth….