Stories of Transformation from our Partners in West Africa

For over a decade, Chalmers has worked in West Africa to launch RESTORE savings group ministries that have helped people living in extreme poverty to experience healing, peace, and freedom through restored relationships with God, self, others, and creation. This work allows us to speak from a place of experience and authenticity as we partner with larger organizations to scale RESTORE all over the world.

A team from Chalmers recently traveled to Togo for a time of mutual encouragement and equipping with the leaders from our Model Training Centers in Togo and Ghana. While they were there, they also had the opportunity to visit several RESTORE savings groups to hear how the Lord is using these ministries. Praise God for the many, many ways He is bringing transformation to communities in Togo!

We’re excited to share stories of transformation from several Church Facilitators in Togo.

“I didn’t know how to grow cassava before, but now I am the Queen of Cassava.”

“We started our first savings group in 2019 – there were 8 of us, all women because the men wouldn’t join. Our fields were not having a great yield so we decided to use our savings group money to buy fertilizer. It increased our yield a lot. The second year, we had 12 women and we were able to buy a whole sack of fertilizer. 

This year, we do not even need to sell our crop to buy fertilizer and everyone has food so there is no famine. The people in the village, both men and women, are now buying livestock, growing soybeans, and selling tofu.

 I didn’t know how to grow cassava before, but now I am the Queen of Cassava. Praise the Lord.” 

– Aratime Simrewa, Church Facilitator, Togo

“People have come to Christ and joined our church.”

“I serve as a deacon in charge of finances and the financial secretary for our group. I have seen an increase in our church numbers. So many people who are poor, who were not part of the church, joined the savings group and now they have come to Christ and joined our church. We see more tithes and offerings too. 

Personally, I am raising chickens and pork and have increased the size of my farm. Almost everyone in our group has started a business.”

– Barbaka Kassa, Church Facilitator, Togo

“In 3 years, 7 people have given their lives to Christ.”

“We have had savings groups in the past, but Chalmers is different. The others didn’t work. We are in our 4th cycle. I once thought, “This is a village. I cannot do anything.” Now I have 3 businesses. In 3 years, 7 people have given their lives to Christ. There used to be no fellowship, but now there is. 

The biggest thing for me: I was in debt for the dowry for my wife. I didn’t know how I would repay that loan. In December 2022, I decided my goal for 2023 was to pay off the loan. I did it! With money leftover!”

Kodzo Pascal Dzoka, Church Facilitator, Togo

We help more than just our group.”

“During our first  savings cycle, our group had  4 men and 33 women. We had a difficult problem and were never able to find a solution. Parents could not afford to send their children to school or apprenticeship. The women decided to use the money to send children to school and pay the daily food fee for the  apprenticeship.

By the second cycle, it appears a miracle. We split into 3 groups: 1 had 42, another 43 and the third had 17. This time there were so many men.

Our church has seen a lot of benefits. The women are so involved – the Pastor was amazed. Recently, our microphone at the church went out and the group replaced it. 

We help more than just our group – We help children in our church and outside with scholarship money for school. We were able to pay one boy’s scholarship now the whole family has joined the church.”

Julien Kamlaan

“Many households have been reconciled.”

“We initially had one group that included 20 women, 6 men, and 13 youth. Some people who are not part of the church have also joined. Today, we have 160+ people spread across 8 savings groups. 

At our share-outs, most of our members spend their money on fertilizer and seed, increasing the size of their farms. We used to be in debt for these items, but now we have been able to stop borrowing. 

Many households have been reconciled because many of the issues were financial. And many are joining the church and we are seeing increases in tithes and offerings.”

Etienne Kadabiden, Church Facilitator, Togo

Join Us in Praising God!

We praise God for these testimonies, and for the ways that He is using RESTORE savings groups and our Model Training Centers to bring about flourishing in cities and villages throughout Togo and Ghana!

A Restore Church Facilitator gives a lesson about how with discipline, small seeds can become great trees.

A savings group records their savings for the week.
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