A Shared Vision of God’s Kingdom

We’re joining with strategic partners around the world to develop biblical, innovative approaches to poverty—and to equip more churches than ever before.

This year, we’re celebrating our emerging partnership with Tearfund, a UK-based church-equipping organization. Tearfund has mobilized a worldwide network of more than 154,000 local churches in some of the most challenging places on earth.

In March, we joined with Tearfund to start a savings group pilot in Burkina Faso using Chalmers’ Restore: Savings program. Together, we’re launching savings groups as part of Tearfund’s Church and Community Mobilization (CCM) ministry, which empowers local churches with the tools to foster change in their communities. Over the course of 18 months, Chalmers and Tearfund will launch 220 savings groups within churches already participating in the CCM model.

Tearfund and Chalmers share a love for the church and an understanding that poverty is the result of broken relationships with God, self, others, and creation. Both Restore: Savings and CCM emphasize the local church as central to the process of restoration in a community.

This pilot will allow Tearfund to explore how church-centered savings groups complement the Church & Community Mobilization process and empower churches with more effective options to solve problems in their communities. Chalmers will also learn from Tearfund on how the CCM model can improve the design of Restore: Savings and future Chalmers programs.

As we embark on this new partnership, join us in celebration and prayer for what’s ahead!

The Chalmers Center

The Chalmers Center

The Chalmers Center helps God’s people rethink poverty and respond with practical biblical principles so that all are restored to flourishing.

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