Get equipped to lead a poverty alleviation ministry that fosters real change.

 Chalmers Training empowers church and nonprofit leaders with proven methods and practical next steps to better serve your community.

Financial Education

Faith & Finances

Help low-income families learn financial stewardship.

Our Faith & Finances facilitator training equips you to start a financial education class for low-income adults.

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for individuals and teams

ministry design

Innovate: Global

Create a new or improved ministry that empowers the materially poor.

Tailored to your context, Innovate equips teams to develop new or improved poverty alleviation ministries.

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for teams

Job Readiness

Work Life

Help people on the margins find and keep meaningful work.

Work Life Site Certification equips your church or nonprofit to start a jobs ministry for low-income adults.

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for teams



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The people we work with are often coming out of generational poverty, deep trauma, or addiction. They've often put their dreams on the back-burner.

But with Work Life as part of our program, we’re able to help them get back on their feet.

—Alan Murdock, Project Connect Nashville

Work Life is better than any other jobs curriculum I’ve seen.

It helps our participants actually deal with areas of their lives that have held them back. They come to us hoping to get a job, but they get so much more: relationships, connection to a community, and confidence.

—Hayden Blythe, Hope for Suffolk 

The [Innovate] design process led by Chalmers gives me hope because it helps church leaders move from talking about issues to implementing solutions.

—Blake Schwarz, Park Cities Presbyterian Church

Faith & Finances can help people make really large changes in their lives. If you want to do the best thing for people who are materially poor, do Faith & Finances.

—Matt Seadore, Kennewick, WA

Training Schedule All trainings are hosted online and in EST.

7 weeks

Faith & Finances

Wed. or Thurs.

Taught by:
Lead Trainers

Sept 14 - Oct 20

Choose one:
Wednesdays at 7pm EST
Thursdays at 7:15pm EST 

Early Bird Registration: 8/29
Registration Closes: 9/11

5 weeks

Work Life

Noon-1:30pm EST

Taught by:
Shay Bethea & Lead Trainers

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Aug 22 - Sept 30


Registration Closes: 8/21

10 weeks


Wed. or Thurs.
10am or Noon EST

Taught by:
Tabitha Kapic & Brian Fikkert

Sept 1 - Nov 10

Choose one:
Wednesdays at 10am EST
Thursdays at 12pm EST 

Early Bird Registration: 8/15
Registration Closes: 8/30

Join hundreds of others walking alongside the poor

Greg Mixon

“Work Life helps us go beyond mere skills training and address the whole person. It points people to Jesus, and it helps them look inward at their past so they can prepare for their future.”

Greg Mixon
Clerestory, Inc

Lori Haskell

“What I love about Faith & Finances is that it’s geared for low-income learners. It helps create relationships and a safe place for [people] to learn.”

Lori Haskell
Knoxville, TN

Michael Rhodes

“This process has really helped me believe that we can equip people to live out the kingdom... I'm more confident that we can help people use their influence to make substantial changes."

Dr. Michael Rhodes
Carey Baptist College, New Zealand

Real poverty alleviation isabout how you get things done, not just about what gets done.

Brian Fikkert & Kelly M. Kapic, Becoming Whole