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Churches Supporting Churches

In some places, there are churches on every corner—but they often stay disconnected. Listen to this episode of Rethink Poverty and hear how one local ministry is working to change that.

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A (Re)orientation to Chalmers Resources

Whether you’re new to Chalmers or have been with us for many years, this online guide will help you get connected to the right tools for your ministry.

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What is Normal?

Many of the certainties of our daily lives have been upended. We all just want to get back to normal! But what is “normal”? What are we eager to get back to?

Benevolence in an Economic Crisis Webinar

Benevolence in an Economic Crisis

In a global pandemic and economic crisis, helping your neighbors in need can seem like an impossible task! But your church can do something to help. Watch this webinar to learn more!

Innovating in a Crisis Webinar

Innovation in a Crisis Webinar

Recently, we hosted Innovation in a Crisis, a free webinar to help churches discover how to love their neighbors in creative ways during the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch a replay here!

Help in a crisis

What’s the Best Way to Provide Help in a Crisis?

The best approach to helping someone depends on the situation. In a time of crisis, we should definitely err on the side of generosity. What does this generosity look like during a global pandemic?

Our hope is in the resurrection

The Easter Epidemic

It’s Easter weekend—the pinnacle of the Christian calendar. It’s supposed to be a weekend full of joy and celebration. How are we to experience joy and celebrate in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis?

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We’re All Poor

People in a middle-class community often see the materially poor as people we need to “fix.” But what if everyone is affected by the same underlying brokenness that contributes to material poverty?

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Banking on the Church

Why bother with churches? Because the Bible teaches us that the church is guaranteed to pay huge dividends forever!

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COVID-19: 5 Ways Your Church Can Respond

We’re all reeling from the changes the world has experienced almost overnight from the COVID-19 outbreak. Here are a few ways your church can respond with love and mercy during this time.

Riding Out the Storm Together

Riding Out the Storm Together

The church is uniquely positioned to survive and even thrive under these conditions. But doing so will require love, compassion, and obedience.

Interview with Brian Fikkert: Redefining Success for Poverty Alleviation

Redefining “Success” for Poverty Alleviation

What’s the best way to help people who are poor? We can talk about techniques, but the truth is we need more than that. To really help people, we have to take a look at the stories that we tell ourselves about what success really looks like—both for you and the people you are trying to help.

First Step in Poverty Alleviation

The First Step in Poverty Alleviation

When we see material poverty in the world around us, our first instinct is to do something about it. Where should we start? What’s the first step in poverty alleviation?

Kelly Kapic

Practicing What We Teach

When we try to help people who are materially poor, we often focus on the habits we think they need to change. But what about our own habits? How do our daily practices affect our ministry with the materially poor?

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Broken Systems, Broken People

Is poverty due to individual brokenness? Or is it caused by systemic injustice? The Bible teaches that the Fall really happened—and it affects both individuals and systems!

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Signs You May Be Enabling Someone

How do you know when your help is enabling someone? Learn how to recognize the signs—and what you can do about it.

What to do when people ask for money

What Should I Do When People Ask for Money?

When someone comes up to you on the street and asks for money, what’s the right way to respond? Check out this short video!

Hosting a potluck

Your Church is a Family

Your local church can do something for the materially poor that no other organization can do: be a family. What does a loving family look like?