Restoring Community Through Work

Tabatha shares that when she first connected with Restore OKC, she didn’t believe she was worthy of a job. Her journey through Work Life would soon help to shift that deeply held belief. 

Restore OKC is focused on reconciling communities within Northeast Oklahoma City. One of the many practical ways they engage their neighborhood is by offering access to Work Life, Chalmers’ faith-based job education curriculum that teaches “soft-skills” of work to those coming from generational poverty.

Through opportunities like Work Life, Restore OKC is fostering a community of like-minded neighbors committed to growing together. People are gaining more than principles. They’re gaining connections and accountability. They’re gaining advocates and confidence. 

Once connected with Restore OKC, Tabatha graduated from Work Life and experienced remarkable life change — starting with how she viewed herself and her relationship with God.

“Work Life brought to my attention God’s creation and His plan. Just being rooted in that was enough for me to get over some of my fears of not being good enough and to actually try.”

Tabatha is now a confident Work Life facilitator at Restore OKC and Manager of Restore Jobs, where she gets to lead other men and women through the same journey that changed her life. 

“I’m showing up for my life, which means I’m showing up for theirs.”

Thank you for helping us equip Restore OKC with the resources they need to help people like Tabatha flourish. God is using your generosity to empower people on their journey out of generational poverty. And mutually transformative relationships are helping Restore OKC live up to their name. 

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