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Church and City Partnerships Restore Dignity through Work

Church and City Partnerships Restore Dignity through Work

By Austin Humbles July 15, 2021

If work is foundational to human dignity and ought to be part of our poverty alleviation efforts, what does it look like in “real life” for churches to practice a commitment to work as part of their ministry life?

Leya and members of her savings group

Nobody Gave Her a Dollar: Leya’s Story

By Austin Humbles March 2, 2021

Editor’s note: As we’ve been sharing about the importance of walking well with churches in the majority world, we’ve made mention several times of Chalmers’ partners in this work. This story is from our partners at HOPE International, who have faithfully expanded church-based savings groups in multiple countries over the past several years.  Just before…

Illustration of a woman

The Stories We Tell

By Austin Humbles October 28, 2020

At Chalmers, we want to be story-driven whenever possible. What makes a good story? One that reflects God’s story, and demonstrates how Jesus brings lasting change in the life of a person, family, or community.

Partnerships Re-Purpose Space and Re-Ignite Hope

Partnerships Re-Purpose Space and Re-Ignite Hope

By Austin Humbles October 5, 2020

How a long process of transformation brought churches, nonprofits, and even government services together to show the love of Christ in a community.

People listening to a speaker

Disconnected Times Don’t Have to Stop Relational Ministry

By Austin Humbles September 15, 2020

How do you do face-to-face ministry when gathering people together could be a threat to their health? During this season, churches and ministries are getting creative with solutions that allow them to continue serving well.

Miranda and Steven

Finding Home: Hope and Partnership through Financial Education

By Austin Humbles August 31, 2020

When Steve and Miranda came to Love INC, they wanted help preparing to buy their first home. They found sound financial advice—but they also found hope and a community where they belonged.

Cortny and her son

Cortny’s Story: Surprised by Restoration

By Austin Humbles August 3, 2020

How a single mom overcame obstacles, experienced healing, and became a mentor for others in the process.

Pam from First Pres

From Fear to Flourishing: Pam’s Story

By Austin Humbles July 21, 2020

When Pam approached First Presbyterian Church, she needed help with her rent. But what she found was a supportive family willing to walk with her during a difficult time.

Kingdom Partners

Churches Supporting Churches

By Austin Humbles May 12, 2020

In some places, there are churches on every corner—but they often stay disconnected. Listen to this episode of Rethink Poverty and hear how one local ministry is working to change that.

A man sitting on a bench in a church in West Africa

Banking on the Church

By Austin Humbles March 25, 2020

Why bother with churches? Because the Bible teaches us that the church is guaranteed to pay huge dividends forever!

Small Town America

The Kingdom at Work in Small-Town America

By Austin Humbles December 9, 2019

How a medical ministry in rural Georgia has expanded—and focused—their efforts to help their neighbors.

Jasmine Brown Work Life participant

Moving from Fear to Confidence

By Austin Humbles November 12, 2019

With support from her local church, Jasmine discovered the skills and confidence she needed to get a job—and thrive at work.

Building Community Inside Prison Walls podcast with Brenda McGowan

Building Community Inside Prison Walls

By Austin Humbles October 10, 2019

Our friend Brenda McGowan of Crossroads Prison Ministries shares about her experiences working with people who are incarcerated—and how the answer to mass incarceration is the mass mobilization of the church!

Trinity Community Commons

Rethinking Sacred Space

By Austin Humbles September 6, 2019

How one local church is opening its space to neighbors in new ways—and seeing God transform lives in the process.

Group of people discussing Are You a Good Neighbor?

Investing Long-Term through the Local Church

By Austin Humbles August 6, 2019

How one church is working to build closer relationships with their low-income neighbors in Jackson, MS—and how your church can do the same.

Work Life grad

The Transforming Power of Work

By Austin Humbles August 5, 2019

Project Connect Nashville is working to help people “get out and stay out” of poverty through relationships and connections with local churches. Check out our interview with the Project Connect team!

More in Common podcast

More in Common

By Austin Humbles July 8, 2019

In American culture, there’s often a divide between rural and urban dwellers. Yet when two leaders from these communities view their lives through a holistic Gospel lens, they find surprising common ground. Listen as they discuss fatherhood, marriage, discipleship, death, and hope in Christ.

Djaka Djigbodji and her family

A Mother’s Journey Out of Extreme Poverty

By Austin Humbles May 31, 2019

Djaka Djigbodji is one of the millions of mothers who are raising families in extreme poverty. But through the local church, people like her are finding hope.