Helping Without Hurting in Benevolence Ministry

When someone asks your church for money, how should you respond?

As Christians, we know Jesus calls us to help people in need. But how? Helping someone move from crisis to long-term change feels overwhelming, messy, and complicated.

At the Chalmers Center, we know how difficult benevolence ministry can be. We’ve studied best practices from poverty experts and learned from experience serving in our own churches. Over time, we’ve found out what works—and what doesn’t—so you don’t have to.

Through resources like the bestselling book When Helping Hurts, we’ve helped thousands of churches address the root causes of poverty in biblical, effective ways. Now your church can apply the same helping without hurting principles in benevolence ministry!

This online training gives you the tools to respond to people’s needs effectively, help them experience lasting change, and become who God created them to be!

Ideal for:

  • Church staff, deacons, or volunteers working with low-income people

What’s inside:

  • 12 online videos from poverty experts and church leaders
  • A 50-page workbook for you and your benevolence team
  • Case studies, templates, and examples for benevolence policies and procedures


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Helping Without Hurting in Benevolence Ministry