Becoming Whole

We’re the richest people to walk the earth—but we’re increasingly unhappy. The story of the American Dream doesn’t add up. Yet when we try to help the poor, we often invite them into the same broken story that’s left us anxious, alone, and dissatisfied.

There’s hope for all of us in a different story. Through Becoming Whole, you’ll discover how to be reshaped by God’s story of change!

Ideal For:

  • Church, ministry, and nonprofit leaders


  • Understand how stories shape us: Learn how stories influence our understanding of God, human beings, and the world.
  • Recognize how false stories hurt us—and the poor: Break free from the lie of the American Dream, and redefine “success” for you and the people you’re trying to help.
  • Discover a different story: Experience greater meaning and purpose as God’s story of change reshapes you—and start living as a citizen of Jesus’ Kingdom now!


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Becoming Whole