We help shape the way churches and Christian nonprofits think about and respond to poverty.

Learn proven methods and practical next steps that foster real change in your community.

PRODUCT Innovation

Think about poverty biblically

ANCHORS Building Infrastructure

Make your ministry more effective

Solve Challenges Creatively

Solve challenges creatively

Poverty Is Complex

Poverty is complex. You can help—and we can show you how.

Too many ministry leaders are frustrated with band-aid solutions to poverty. But we believe in a different approach to helping people who are poor.

We know poverty feels like an overwhelming problem. We're here to help!


Over 500,000 copies of When Helping Hurts sold

BELIEFS God Strategy

Equipped 30K+ churches and nonprofits worldwide

SECTORS Orphan Vulnerable Children

Served over 1 million people in poverty

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Our ministry partners

We partner with trusted, kingdom-centered ministries to equip the local churches around the world, including:

HOPE International
Compassion International
Prison Fellowship
Food for the Hungry Canada

Here's how we do it:

  • SECTORS Under Resourced Churches

    A biblical approach to poverty

    Helping the poor isn't just about giving them stuff. It's about healing the brokenness at the roots.

  • Resources For Your Ministry

    Resources for your ministry

    We offer tools to help you and your team think differently about poverty—and do something about it.

  • Get Trained

    Practical training for your team

    We'll equip your team to improve an existing ministry or launch a new one using our proven curriculum.

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