Work with the Chalmers Innovation Team to move your ministry forward.

Get personalized innovation coaching to help you design creative, sustainable solutions in your ministry.

PRODUCT Innovation

Explore ways to effectively serve your low-income neighbors

Poverty Is Complex

Apply the listen, make, test model to your unique context

Get Trained

Learn how to implement helping without hurting principles

BELIEFS Learning Practice

Transform your ministry's approach to poverty

When it comes to poverty alleviation, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We often want a “recipe,” but what we actually need is a framework to apply within our unique context.

It's easy to become overwhelmed by the needs around you, and without someone to help you get unstuck, it’s difficult to move forward.


At Chalmers, we often get asked very in-depth questions about specific areas of ministry. People want to make sure they're doing the right thing.

But poverty is complex, and poverty alleviation strategies are too. There often isn’t just one right answer to each situation, no one-size-fits-all formula for transformation.

There are, though, principles and practices that flow from what God tells us in Scripture about who people are created to be and where the story He is telling is heading. Every ministry effort is going somewhere, and we want to help you work in the right direction.

During a custom innovation journey, we will walk you through a process to help you identify the next steps for your ministry.

Meet your guides Learn from experienced innovation experts

You'll be learning from Tabitha Kapic, Director of Innovation, and Adrian Reid, Senior Innovation Specialist.

Tabitha Kapic
Tabitha Kapic
Adrian Reid
Adrian Reid

How to Request a Custom Innovation Journey

PRODUCT Innovation

Share Your Idea

Get buy-in from your church or organizational leadership to work with Chalmers

Submit Application

Submit Application

Submit an application for a customized innovation journey with Chalmers

ANCHORS Scaling Existing Interventions

Get Connected

Connect with our Innovate Team to help you move forward in your ministry

Practical Training For Your Team

Gather Your Team

Work through the innovation process with Chalmers staff and your team members

You don't have to stay “stuck”

Frustrated by roadblocks to transformation in your church, organization, or community? Have you wished you could share a biblical approach to poverty with people in your church or ministry?

The Chalmers Innovation Team can help!

By working with the Innovation Team, you can discover the next right step to addressing poverty with your church or organization and how to make changes that will help your ministry be more effective for the long haul.


What You'll Gain from a Custom Innovation Journey

  • A shared understanding of the goal of poverty alleviation
  • A solid foundation in Chalmers’ biblical framework for poverty alleviation
  • Clarity in how Chalmers' principles apply to your context
  • Encouragement for your ministry as you work alongside those in your community
  • Ability to identify changes that will make your ministry more effective
  • Input from Chalmers staff about your specific ministry

Apply to Work with the Chalmers Innovation Team

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