Are You a Good Neighbor?

An online course to help you know and love people who are poor in your community.

Are You a Good Neighbor?
BELIEFS Ministry of Reconciliation

Transform your heart and change your daily habits

SECTORS Orphan Vulnerable Children

Build personal relationships with people in poverty

SECTORS Under Resourced Churches

Take practical action to improve your ministry

Become a friend to people who are poor in your community.

Become a friend to people who are poor in your community.

Poverty isn’t about a lack of stuff—it’s the result of broken relationships. By walking alongside people who are poor, we can all experience the healing power of Jesus in our broken relationships.

But what if you don't know anyone who is poor?

As society grows increasingly divided along socioeconomic lines, it’s easy to find yourself living, working, and worshipping with people just like you.

This online course is designed to help you take the first steps toward building personal relationships with people in poverty.

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