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The Stories We Tell

At Chalmers, we want to be story-driven whenever possible. What makes a good story? One that reflects God’s story, and demonstrates how Jesus brings lasting change in the life of a person, family, or community.

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Why We Do What We Do

If you’ve been following the work of the Chalmers Center for any length of time, you know that we don’t operate in quite the same way as many ministries. Chalmers isn’t an implementing organization that directly helps materially poor people; rather Chalmers equips your church or ministry to help materially poor people more effectively. To…

Partnerships Re-Purpose Space and Re-Ignite Hope

Partnerships Re-Purpose Space and Re-Ignite Hope

How a long process of transformation brought churches, nonprofits, and even government services together to show the love of Christ in a community.

Relational Ministry in a Virtual World

Relational Ministry in a Virtual World Webinar

Recently, we hosted Relational Ministry in a Virtual World, a free webinar to help churches make the most of virtual tools to keep ministry going during the pandemic.

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From Needs to Assets—Shifting the Dynamic of Ministry

When we try to help people, we often start by trying to identify what’s wrong with the low-income individual or community, and then we try to bring in outside resources to fix what’s wrong. What if we started with what’s right with the people and communities we serve?

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Disconnected Times Don’t Have to Stop Relational Ministry

How do you do face-to-face ministry when gathering people together could be a threat to their health? During this season, churches and ministries are getting creative with solutions that allow them to continue serving well.

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The Beautiful Community of the Church

The impact of racial hierarchy, privilege, and class in society has a substantial impact on the way people interact with one another and value themselves. The church is not immune to this dynamic. You don’t overcome the dignity dynamic simply by believing in Jesus together. However, there is joy in the pursuit as we toast to the truth of the beautiful diverse community that God desires to create.

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Finding Home: Hope and Partnership through Financial Education

When Steve and Miranda came to Love INC, they wanted help preparing to buy their first home. They found sound financial advice—but they also found hope and a community where they belonged.

Helping Vulnerable People in Financial Emergencies

Helping Vulnerable People in Financial Emergencies Webinar

Recently, we hosted Helping Vulnerable People in Financial Emergencies, a free webinar to help churches discover how the best ways to assist people who are struggling financially.

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Waging Spiritual Warfare on Racial Injustice

Scripture has plenty to say about the ways Satan and his legions are actively involved in the affairs of this world, but we often ignore spiritual warfare. Every physical problem in this world is also spiritual in nature—and racism is no exception. How can churches address the spiritual roots of racial injustice?

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Social Mobility or Restored Community: What Is Money for?

Financial education is a key part of helping people in poverty experience greater flourishing. But when we try to educate others about finances, it often reveals what we really believe about money. What stories do we believe about money—and what stories are we telling other people?

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Racial Injustice and Broken Systems

If we want to truly love our neighbors, we need to recognize the ways that our neighborhood might be contributing to their plight. Broken people make broken systems, and these broken systems inflict more pain and brokenness on individuals. How can churches address broken systems here and now?

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Series: The Church and Racial Injustice in America

The posts in this series represent our effort to reflect on racial injustice from a biblical framework and to help churches grow in their courage and desire to fight against it as they live out the kingdom of God in their communities.

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Cortny’s Story: Surprised by Restoration

How a single mom overcame obstacles, experienced healing, and became a mentor for others in the process.

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Race, Materialism, and the False God of Western Civilization

If we are transformed into the image of whatever we worship, and our culture worships the pursuit of material wealth and pleasure, then racial injustice must have something to do with this. If we truly want to help without hurting and overcome racism, the first step is to repent of our materialistic idolatry.

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From Fear to Flourishing: Pam’s Story

When Pam approached First Presbyterian Church, she needed help with her rent. But what she found was a supportive family willing to walk with her during a difficult time.

Faith to Action Webinar

Responding to the Global Impact of COVID-19

We’ve all felt the impact of the global pandemic in our own backyard. But what’s been the effect on our global neighbors, their families, and vulnerable children? And what can American Christians do about it?

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Potlucking with Jesus: Poverty, Injustice, and the Church

What if ministry with the materially poor looked like a potluck instead of a soup kitchen? Hear from Michael Rhodes, co-author of Practicing the King’s Economy, as he shares what he’s learned from his friends and neighbors in South Memphis.