Building a Network of Poverty Alleviation Ministry Leaders in North America

Transformational poverty alleviation ministry is difficult work. It’s a labor of love, undertaken across years as we walk with people through the ups and downs of breaking cycles of material poverty.

This work is also challenging because it pushes back against more transactional approaches to poverty. It can be a lonely and confusing road. Advocating for a biblically-grounded, asset-based, participatory approach to ministry that leads to long-term change is not a burden we’re meant to carry alone.

Building a Network

For more than 20 years, The Chalmers Center has been creating resources to help churches and ministries change the way they think about and respond to material poverty. As the number of requests we receive to help churches and nonprofits learn to address poverty in biblical, effective ways continues to grow, we’ve recognized the need for a team of representatives in various regions and specialized areas of ministry.

The Chalmers Center is working to build a network of leaders who are passionate about helping change the conversation about how Christians work to address material poverty. In the spring of 2022, we trained our first cohort of certified Chalmers Ambassadors. For two months, these leaders studied Chalmers’ principles, practices, and tools so that they can effectively represent these ideas and resources in their communities or ministry networks. 

In addition to getting certified to represent the Chalmers Center, these Ambassadors are brought into a supportive online community where they can network, share ideas, pray for, and encourage one another. Our goal is to build a network of Ambassadors from all over North America who have experience in different areas of ministry to help churches and Christian organizations understand and apply biblical principles of poverty alleviation and community development and live out Jesus’ kingdom among those they serve.

The Ambassadors trained so far represent local churches, community development ministries, international development organizations, business development ministries, jobs-training ministries, rescue mission and recovery ministries, financial education ministries, food security ministries, and more.

Come Join Us

Chalmers is opening enrollment for our next Ambassador cohort. Anyone living in the U.S. or Canada with strong experience in relational poverty alleviation ministry and a solid background in the core principles of When Helping Hurts is welcome to apply to get certified and join our network!

Our in-depth certification training will provide you with tools and knowledge to lead others on a learning journey to shift their poverty alleviation ministry in line with God’s story of change for the world. You’ll gain a new vision and confidence to equip others for ministry plus a community of co-learners to back you up as you go.

To get more information or to apply, click HERE. You can be part of helping churches and organizations learn how they can make a real difference in their communities!

The Chalmers Center

The Chalmers Center

The Chalmers Center helps God’s people rethink poverty and respond with practical biblical principles so that all are restored to flourishing.

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