Helping without Hurting in Benevolence Ministry

Help your church or ministry make a real difference in your community.

Get trained to develop a benevolence ministry that helps people who are materially poor experience lasting change.

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Equip your church or ministry with a biblical foundation for responding to requests for financial help.

Get Trained

Gain skills and confidence to develop a holistic, relationship-focused benevolence ministry through our online training.

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Learn tools and processes to address material poverty in your community in effective, transformational ways.

Churches and ministries often struggle to develop and implement an effective benevolence ministry.

  • They feel overwhelmed by the needs in their community.
  • They feel powerless to help people in the "right way."
  • They feel frustrated because people don't seem to change.
  • They're afraid of "doing it wrong" or enabling people.

Without help from those who’ve been doing this work, it’s hard to move your ministry forward.

Helping Without Hurting in Benevolence Ministry Can Help

We’ll walk you through the process of laying the foundation for your ministry, gathering a team to help you, and creating processes to support (or improve) your benevolence ministry.

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Meet Your Coaches

Our training is facilitated by the Chalmers team and includes written, audio, video, and live discussion content collected form the best of our experience in over two decades of poverty alleviation work.

Get ongoing support from the Chalmers team and like-minded ministry leaders.

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Justin Lonas
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Alex Shipman
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Janessa Steele
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Suzanne Burns
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Brian Fikkert
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How Helping without Hurting in Benevolence Ministry training works

Learn Online

Get Trained

Complete 6 units of online training with 6 live, 60-minute coaching sessions. Group pricing is available for your team.

Practical Training For Your Team

Gain Confidence

Get equipped to build a benevolence ministry the right way

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Stay Connected

Learn together with like-minded ministry leaders

Tired of feeling alone and unsupported in benevolence ministry?

Frustrated by roadblocks to transformation in your church or community? Have you wished there was a better way to help those who need assistance?

Helping someone move from crisis to long-term change feels overwhelming, messy, and complicated.

At the Chalmers Center, we know how difficult benevolence ministry can be. We’ve studied best practices from poverty experts and learned from experience serving in our own churches. Over time, we’ve found out what works—and what doesn’t—so you don’t have to.

Through Helping Without Hurting In Benevolence Ministry Training, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to apply a biblical framework for poverty alleviation to your benevolence ministry.

Together with like minded leaders, you’ll discover tools to respond to people’s needs effectively, help them experience lasting change, and recognize who God created them to be!

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Schedule—Fall 2023 Cohort

Join Us on Zoom August 24 - September 30, 2023
Thursdays 11:00am - noon ET
Thursdays 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. ET
(choose one)

Helping Without Hurting In Benevolence Ministry includes 6 live, online group sessions to cement our learning and facilitate relational growth.

You’ll need to set aside a total of 12-15 hours to complete this course. Each week, you’ll spend 60 minutes with the group (online via Zoom) and 1-2 hours outside of class working through assignments.

  • August 24: Intro and Lesson 1: A Foundation For Effective Benevolence
  • August 31: Lessons 2: People and Poverty Are Complex
  • September 7: Lesson 3:Building a Mission Statement and Policy Document
  • September 14: Lessons 4: Walking with People through a Change Process
  • September 21: Lesson 5: Building Your Ministry’s Capacity for Benevolence
  • September 28: Lesson 6: Learning from Experience
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Our guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied with this training within 30 days of your purchase, we will give you a full refund.

What you’ll learn from Helping with Hurting in Benevolence Ministry

  • How to apply principles from When Helping Hurts to your benevolence ministry
  • Gain the tools to respond effectively to needs in your church or organization
  • Develop a plan and process for handling request for assistance
  • Equip and empower your deacons and outreach leaders to respond to needs in your community
  • Learn what works to help people move from crisis to long-term change
  • Know how to address the root causes of poverty and not just the symptoms

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