Free Resources: When Helping Hurts: The Small Group Experience

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When Helping Hurts: The Small Group Experience comes with free online videos for you to watch with your group. Watch them below:

Unit 1: Reconsidering the Meaning of Poverty

When we see poverty, we want to help. But our well-intended deeds may be contributing to the long-term harm of the poor—and ourselves.

Unit 2: Seeing God at Work

How can we best help the poor? We have to start with acknowledging that the brokenness at the roots of poverty affects both the helper and the helped.

Unit 3: Why Good Intentions Aren't Enough

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to helping the poor. To truly help people, we need to understand the root causes of their poverty.

Unit 4: Joining God's Work

Helping without hurting requires us to recognize that people in poverty aren't helpless. They have God-given gifts and abilities that they can use to improve their lives!

Unit 5: Fostering Change

How do people change? There are common patterns in how most people experience change—and understanding those patterns can help us foster transformation in people’s lives.

Unit 6: Moving Forward

When we enter a poor community, we often miss the gifts and abilities that God has placed there. What if we saw that the helper and the helped need each other—and both need Jesus?