Training Agreement for Lead Trainer 

Work Life Program

Training and Certification

  1. You are applying for certification by the Chalmers Center (“Chalmers”) for the purpose of becoming a Lead Trainer in Work Readiness Education (“Lead Trainer”). Lead Trainers are allowed to use Chalmers’ Work Life Curriculum (“Curriculum”) and Facilitator Certification Course Trainer Guide (“Trainer Guide”) to certify Work Life sites.  
  2. Prerequisites for certification as a Work Life Lead Trainer requires successful completion of the Work Life Facilitator Certification Course, and the facilitation and submission of data from at least 1 local Work Life course hosted by you.  
  3. To be certified as a Lead Trainer, you agree to complete any required readings, to co-lead (with a Chalmers experienced Lead Trainer) an online cohort of Work Life Site Certification training and be assessed.  You agree to attend all phone consultations and debriefs with Chalmers as scheduled.  If you fail to successfully complete any portion of these requirements for any reason, you understand that you forfeit your certification as a Lead Trainer. 
  4. The cost for this Lead Trainer certification is $500 payable to Chalmers. You understand that the fee is non-refundable. If you are unable to fulfill the certification obligations in the intended timeline, you may request a transfer to another opportunity at a later date.   
  5. Certification will be effective for three years after you are certified.  We reserve the right to alter the training requirements or alter this agreement at the end of the three-year period.     

Intellectual Property

  1. The course includes training regarding proprietary intellectual property owned by Chalmers, including written materials; research and related data and analysis; training techniques; and audio/visual presentations (the “Proprietary Materials”). I acknowledge and agree that the Proprietary Materials are the sole and exclusive property of Chalmers and may not be used except in strict accordance with this Agreement as described.
  2. The Proprietary Materials include copyrighted written materials, including the book When Helping Hurts, the Work Life Site Certification Course in Pathwright and the supporting Trainer’s Guide, the Post-Training Mini-Courses and the Curriculum titled Work Life. I acknowledge and agree that under no circumstances will I be permitted to photocopy or otherwise duplicate these Proprietary Materials, except as expressly permitted in the Agreement. When using proprietary materials and concepts, I agree to honor Chalmers’ copyright and other intellectual property rights associated with the Proprietary Materials by displaying the copyright on the material or citing the applicable material within Proprietary Materials as the source. 
  3. Should I desire to create an adaptation of the Work Life site certification training or curriculum for a specific audience, I will inform the Chalmers Center of this intention and complete the Integrate course in order to gain access to the materials. 
  4. Chalmers reserves the exclusive right to publish and certify, along with the right to reproduce, distribute, perform, and/or display, any derivative works arising from its Curriculum which may be created by the Lead Trainer, including any presentations, workshops, or other type of training. 

Limited Certification

  1. Chalmers grants you, as a Lead Trainer, the right to use the Pathwright certification course and Trainer Guide during the period of your Certification and subject to this Agreement, including the following terms and conditions:
    • 10.1 You are authorized to train and certify Work Life Sites as a national representative of the Chalmers Center. You agree to abide by the Chalmers Center’s certification process that ensures quality control of training for all Certified Facilitators.  As a Lead Trainer, you agree to: 
      1. Communicate your availability for national training dates being scheduled by Chalmers 
      2. Lead or co-lead your online cohort using the Training Guides and resources provided by Chalmers of training (with Chalmers Center staff, using our online platform and course schedule); 
      3. Schedule and manage any local partner-led training cohorts in accordance with the partnership agreement between Chalmers and your host organization;
      4. Maintain communication with Work Life Program staff for feedback, continuous improvement, and fellowship opportunities. 
    • 10.2 You are authorized to make minor contextual adjustments to the Trainer Guide and Curriculum that do not alter the integrity of the technical content. The Chalmers Center encourages you to share copies of any significantly modified, adapted or contextualized material that may be helpful in future curriculum development.
    • 10.3 Chalmers has the right, at its sole cost and expense, to attend any presentation for the purpose of evaluating the implementation of Chalmers’ Curriculum; supporting the Lead Trainer with additional consultation; and documenting stories for communication to Chalmers’ constituents.

General Terms

  1. I, as an applicant for Lead Trainer, understand, acknowledge, and agree to all of the terms and conditions set forth herein; furthermore, I will use the Curriculum and Trainer Guide at my own risk, and will indemnify and hold Chalmers harmless from any claims related to my use of Chalmers’ Curriculum.
  2. This Agreement may not be amended except through written agreement by both parties.