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Quick get started guides

Take the first step toward helping without hurting—and go deeper with recommended resources and tools.

15 minutes

Discover a Better Story

The stories we believe shape our approach to helping the poor. What stories do you believe? What is God's story?

15 minutes

Poverty: A Different Approach

How you understand poverty determines how you'll help the poor. What is poverty? How can you help without hurting?

15 minutes

Build Your Core Ministry Team

Helping without hurting is a team sport! How do you get a core group of people together for your ministry with the poor?

15 minutes

Get to Know Your Church

What gifts does your congregation have? How can you make the most of these assets in your ministry with the poor?

15 minutes

Get to Know Your Community

How is God already at work in your community? What gifts and needs are present there? 

15 minutes

Train Your Volunteers

How to recruit and train the right people to help in your ministry with the poor.

15 minutes

Improve an Existing Ministry

How to tweak an existing poverty initiative to help without hurting.

15 minutes

Start a New Ministry

How to get a brand-new poverty initiative off the ground.