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Worship and Fighting Poverty

Worship and Fighting Poverty

We don’t often connect our work in fighting poverty (and economic life more generally) with our worship of the living God. But we should. When the collection plate is passed around in a church service, pastors often try to connect the dots to how our giving is part of worship. But it doesn’t always register with us.

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Race, Materialism, and the False God of Western Civilization

If we are transformed into the image of whatever we worship, and our culture worships the pursuit of material wealth and pleasure, then racial injustice must have something to do with this. If we truly want to help without hurting and overcome racism, the first step is to repent of our materialistic idolatry.

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God’s Kingdom Has a Startling Economic System

Every earthly kingdom has its own way of doing things, its own customs and policies regarding food, sex, family, and religion. And every kingdom has an economic policy. But when Jesus welcomes us into his alternate kingdom, something strange happens. We discover a whole new world. And we soon discover that Jesus’s kingdom looks different…

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We Need a Better Story

We often build poverty alleviation initiatives that are designed to help poor people pursue the American Dream. But what if all of us—poor and non-poor alike—need a different story?

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Why the Kingdom of God Matters if We Want to Help the Poor

The way that we work with people who are poor reflects the stories we tell ourselves about what it means to live the “good life.” If we get the story wrong, our efforts to help the poor can do more harm than good.