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Wallet full of cash

Race, Materialism, and the False God of Western Civilization

If we are transformed into the image of whatever we worship, and our culture worships the pursuit of material wealth and pleasure, then racial injustice must have something to do with this. If we truly want to help without hurting and overcome racism, the first step is to repent of our materialistic idolatry.

Image of a church steeple

Racial Injustice and Our False Gods

What is the church supposed to do about racial injustice? Evangelism and prayer should be central tools in the fight against systemic injustice. But what else should the church be doing? To fully answer this question, we must first answer another important question: Why did Jesus come to earth?

Someone writing a check

God’s Battle for Your Bank Account

The tomatoes caught me off guard. Sitting in a small Anglican church in Kenya, I was prepared for the invitation to put some money in the offering plate. I was not prepared for tomatoes. But that’s what the members of that farming village brought. Tomatoes, avocadoes, maybe even a chicken or two, all brought up…

Congregation worshipping in a church

We Become What We Worship: Why False Stories Hurt Us—And the Poor

Every human is worshiping something—and what we worship shapes our entire lives, including our work with people in poverty. When people encounter our poverty alleviation efforts, what will they find us worshiping?