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group of people talking around a table

Listening and Learning

When you prioritize listening to people you hope to serve, you’ll discover that there is a lot going on in every community already. You’ll see that God really is at work, and people really do have good ideas of what they want for their families and their future.

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The Beautiful Community of the Church

The impact of racial hierarchy, privilege, and class in society has a substantial impact on the way people interact with one another and value themselves. The church is not immune to this dynamic. You don’t overcome the dignity dynamic simply by believing in Jesus together. However, there is joy in the pursuit as we toast to the truth of the beautiful diverse community that God desires to create.

Kelly Kapic

Practicing What We Teach

When we try to help people who are materially poor, we often focus on the habits we think they need to change. But what about our own habits? How do our daily practices affect our ministry with the materially poor?