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5 Causes of Poverty - Broken Systems

The Five Causes of Poverty—Part 4: Broken Systems

Adapted from A Field Guide to Becoming Whole, 119-124. In this series, our most recent post focused on addressing individual brokenness—the factors within a person, including personal choices and beliefs, that can contribute to material poverty. But as we’ve been saying throughout the series, there are both internal and external causes of relational and material…

Sewing False Dichotomies Back Together

Sewing False Dichotomies Back Together

We often operate under false dichotomies when we think about serving the poor. What are these dichotomies—and how can we think about poverty alleviation in more biblical ways?

Illustration of a woman riding her bike in a neighborhood

Racial Injustice and Broken Systems

If we want to truly love our neighbors, we need to recognize the ways that our neighborhood might be contributing to their plight. Broken people make broken systems, and these broken systems inflict more pain and brokenness on individuals. How can churches address broken systems here and now?

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Broken Systems, Broken People

Is poverty due to individual brokenness? Or is it caused by systemic injustice? The Bible teaches that the Fall really happened—and it affects both individuals and systems!

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God’s Kingdom Has a Startling Economic System

Every earthly kingdom has its own way of doing things, its own customs and policies regarding food, sex, family, and religion. And every kingdom has an economic policy. But when Jesus welcomes us into his alternate kingdom, something strange happens. We discover a whole new world. And we soon discover that Jesus’s kingdom looks different…