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There's more to poverty than meets the eye.

Building transformative poverty alleviation ministries that help without hurting

Poverty alleviation isn't about giving people more stuff.

We often make the mistake of defining poverty as the lack of material goods. But this assumes that consumption is the goal of life.

When you talk to people in poverty, you discover that poverty goes much deeper.

Poverty is actually about broken relationships.

When sin entered the world, it damaged our relationship with God, ourself, others, and all creation.

When people in poverty define poverty, these broken relationships are the focus.

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Learn how you can help

The Chalmers Center offers multiple training options for churches and nonprofits that want to be involved in poverty alleviation.

Helping Without Hurting in Church Benevolence
Equip your church or ministry with a biblical foundation for responding to requests for financial help.

Faith & Finances
Get trained to start a financial education ministry tailored to the unique challenges faced by low-income adults in the United States.

Work Life
Get trained to start a jobs-preparedness ministry that helps people in poverty overcome obstacles to finding and keeping meaningful work.

Innovate: Online
Get trained to use community development best practices and easy-to-use innovation tools to develop a poverty alleviation ministry based on biblical principles that fosters real change.