Get Trained to Launch a RESTORE Savings Group

Get the training and support you need to launch a church-based savings group.

SECTORS Under Resourced Churches

Empower churches to bring lasting change with their own resources

Become A Friend To People Who Are Poor In Your Community

Create supportive groups to help people in extreme poverty

BELIEFS Learning Practice

Harness local resources and avoid creating dependency

Financial obstacles keep people trapped in extreme poverty.

  • Broken relationships
  • Lack of access to banking and capital for business investments
  • Agricultural off-season and drought
  • Life events (weddings, funerals, births, etc.)
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How Savings Groups Work

Savings groups help people in extreme poverty weather the storms of life.

In a savings group, people gather weekly to worship, study God's Word, and pray. Every week, each member also contributes a small amount of money to the group.

With the money they save together, members can invest in their businesses, pay for healthcare, or purchase necessities for their families.

Watch Savings Groups in Action

But there's one big challenge...

Those who want to help often don't have the experience to start a savings group and lack the resources to travel to get trained to start a savings group.

Restore savings groups

RESTORE Online Lead Trainer Certification can help!

We'll train you how to launch a church-based savings group that will help restore participants to flourishing.

  • RESTORE integrates holistic, asset-based principles, building on savings group best practices that have been tested and implemented over decades.
  • The hands-on, practical lessons are designed for adult learners and adapted for diverse cultural contexts.
  • RESTORE helps groups of 10-25 members to build strong relationships, access savings and loans, strengthen the habit of saving, and improve household economic resilience.

How RESTORE Online certification works

Learn Online

Get Trained

Complete the online certification program with a cohort of other leaders and a Chalmers Coach.

SECTORS Orphan Vulnerable Children

Launch Your Savings Group

Get buy in from local church leaders to help recruit and build relationships with participants.

ANCHORS Scaling Existing Interventions

Stay Connected

Get ongoing support as you complete a full savings group cycle and equip others to lead savings groups.

Meet your coaches

This training is led by Chalmers Coaches.

Our Coaches have successfully started savings groups at churches or nonprofits in the majority work.

They know what works, and what doesn't—and they'll guide you every step of the way.

Sara Mamami Anamor
Emily Mugisha
Kwasi Ayivi
Mawoussé Tchegnon
Jude Thera
Jeanine Ayivi

RESTORE is trusted by:

HOPE International
Compassion International

2024/2025 Cohort Schedule

Join Us on Zoom May 23, 2024 – May 15, 2025
Thursdays 11:00 a.m. - Noon, Eastern

RESTORE Online LT Certification includes 3 different sections.

During Part 1, you will meet weekly for six-weeks with your Chalmers Coach and complete online learning assignments to learn about savings groups. 

In Part 2, you will complete a full savings group cycle and meet quarterly with your Coach. This section will last 9-10 months.

During Part 3, you will meet weekly with your Chalmers Coach for four-weeks and complete the requirements to become certified as a Lead Trainer.

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Register for Online RESTORE Lead Trainer Certification

Start your savings group journey!
No travel for training required.

Until recently, RESTORE Lead Trainer Certification has only been available for large NGOs or for those who could travel to our training centers.

We've received many training requests from small organizations and church leaders, and we're excited to make this training available online.


What you’ll learn during RESTORE training:

  • A biblical foundation for helping people who are materially poor
  • How to use the RESTORE curriculum effectively
  • Best practices for weekly meetings
  • Ways to help class participants engage with one another
  • How to connect with church leaders
  • How to finish your first savings cycle and train others to lead savings groups

Frequently asked questions

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