Discover how a potluck approach to poverty alleviation can lead to lasting change

Discover why there is still so much poverty when so many ministries are “helping.”

A soup kitchen can actually keep people trapped in poverty.

A soup kitchen creates two categories of people: "haves" and "have nots." This distinction makes it harder to build the relationships that will help people move out of poverty. That's why it's important to ask the following questions of our ministry efforts.

  • Are we helping in ways that are disempowering and creating dependency?
  • Are we overlooking systemic issues that are keeping people trapped in poverty?
  • Are we dealing with the broken relationships at the root of poverty?
  • Do we recognize our own brokenness?

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We can share a vision for an approach to poverty alleviation that leads to flourishing for ALL.

  • Understand your own view of poverty alleviation
  • Describe a potluck approach and why it matters
  • Identify when a ministry is using a potluck approach to poverty alleviation
  • Learn more about what poverty is and its root causes