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Discover How To Design Poverty Alleviation Ministries That Help Without Hurting

Learn our framework for developing ministries that lead to real transformation without spending lots of time or money creating programs that don't work.

"So, are we doing [this] right?"

For more than two decades the Chalmers Center has been shaping the way that Christians think about and respond to poverty.


We've helped hundreds of teams around the world design ministries that empower the poor, and we're committed to training churches and Christian nonprofits to build transformational ministries that foster real change.

Poverty Is Complex

That means there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we need an approach that addresses the root causes of poverty and incorporates biblical principles and community development best practices.

Innovation Webinar 2

At 1:00 pm ET on Tuesday, August 2, The Chalmers Center is hosting a webinar to teach our framework for developing poverty alleviation ministries that lead to real transformation.

You'll learn why effective poverty alleviation ministries are based on:

Asset Based Community Development

God's Story of Change

Innovation Tools and Design Thinking


How to incorporate this framework into your own ministry context.