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Help bring practical economic development programs based on biblical principles to struggling communities so that all people are restored to flourishing participants in God's kingdom.

What your gift makes possible

Your generosity paves the way for Chalmers to create, test, and refine holistic, biblically-based economic development innovations. In turn, these solutions influence the approach and programs of our growing network of ministry partners around the world.

Inspiring Innovation


You're equipping Chalmers to create, test and refine community development innovations—putting the best poverty alleviation resources into the hands of organization leaders.

Increasing Influence

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You're exponentially expanding the influence of Chalmers by allowing our team to develop global partnerships with like-minded organizations who are committed to seeing low-income communities flourish. 

Expanding Impact


You're providing access to training that allows ministries in the US., Africa, South America, and Asia to break the bonds of poverty in their community and experience true transformation.

Global Ministry Partners

HOPE International
Food for the Hungry Canada
Compassion International
Prison Fellowship

"We valued our partnership with Chalmers for many years because they’re a hidden hand behind a lot of our relationships.

We have dozen of local partners and many of them have been shaped by Chalmers and use Chalmers programs today."

—Jeff Galley, Life.Church


We use Chalmers tools because they do such a beautiful job of explaining  ‘why’ God’s kingdom and vision operates the way it does — meeting everyone right where they’re at.

—Sara Hawk, Restore OKC


"We were so excited to connect and even support the work of Chalmers because their approach and materials are so deeply gospel-centered and practically helpful."

—Jon Rocke, Peoria Rescue Mission


"We have people coming together to teach biblical values and finances to a group of people who are incarcerated—this wouldn't be possible if it wasn’t for the work that Chalmers has done."

—Tammy Franklin, Prison Fellowship


"Partnering with Chalmers is single-handedly the best thing that has ever happened to our life missions ministry."

—Jon Mays, Life.Church


"We adopted Chalmers principles in how we approach our community development activities, training and tools—over 10 years later, everything we do speaks back to these principles."

—Lara Lambert, Water Mission


Our partnership with The Chalmers Center is a match made in heaven. We have much in common— certainly expanding God’s Kingdom.

There are a lot of churches and thousands of people we can help, but how will we scale it?
You have the perfect way at Chalmers.”

—Jimmy Rodriguez, STCH Ministries



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