Your Training Responsibilities

  1. Heads up! You are applying for training in the Work Life Facilitator Certification Course for the purpose of becoming a Certified Facilitator in work and life skills training (“Certified Facilitator”). Certified Facilitators are allowed to use Chalmers’ Work Life Curriculum to begin a program training low-income people in work and life skills and connecting them to employment.

  2. Certification as a Work Life Certified Facilitator requires successful completion of the Course, which includes full attendance of all sessions of the Course (both online and live sessions), and proficiency as a Certified Facilitator in the Curriculum. If you don’t successfully complete any portion of the Course (online or live) for any reason, you understand that you forfeit your right to use the Curriculum.

  3. Every year, a new version of Work Life is released. You can keep your certification current by purchasing the most updated version of the Facilitator Guide every 2 years, along with updating us on how you are using Work Life at


Your Use of Our Property

  1. The Course includes training regarding proprietary intellectual property owned by Chalmers, including written materials; research and related data and analysis; training techniques; and audio/visual presentations (the “Proprietary Materials”). You acknowledge and agree that the Proprietary Materials are the sole and exclusive property of Chalmers and may not be used other than strictly in accordance with the Agreement as described.
  2. The Proprietary Materials include copyrighted written materials, including the book titled When Helping Hurts, the Course titled Work Life Facilitator Certification, and the Curriculum titled Work Life. You agree that under no circumstances will you be permitted to photocopy or otherwise duplicate these materials, except as expressly permitted. When using proprietary materials and concepts, you agree to honor Chalmers’ copyright by displaying it on the material or citing it where applicable.
  3. Chalmers reserves the exclusive right to publish and certify, along with the right to reproduce, distribute, perform, and/or display, any derivative works arising from its Curriculum which may be created by the Certified Facilitator, including any presentations, workshops, or other type of training.


Your Certification

  1. Chalmers grants you, as a Certified Facilitator, the right to use the Curriculum according to this agreement, taking into account these points:
    • You are authorized only to use Chalmers’ Curriculum to lead a work and life skills class suited for learners in your community. You aren’t authorized to train and certify other facilitators. You agree to refer individuals, churches, and organizations requesting facilitator certification to Chalmers.
    • You are authorized to make minor contextual adjustments to the Curriculum that do not alter the integrity of the technical content. The Chalmers Center encourages you to share copies of any significantly modified, adapted or contextualized material that may be helpful in future curriculum development.
    • Chalmers has the right, at its sole cost and expense, to attend any presentation for the purpose of evaluating the implementation of our Curriculum; supporting the Certified Facilitator with additional consultation; and documenting stories for communication to Chalmers’ constituents.
    • You agree to submit reports and data to Chalmers describing your participants and the use of the Curriculum each time you hold a Work Life offering or any derivative.
    In summary, you acknowledge and agree to your responsibilities as a steward of this training and material. You agree to use it at your own risk, hold Chalmers harmless from any claims related your use of our curriculum and training.


Your Likeness

  1. You look great, but it’s your brains we’re after. By participating in our training, you agree to the following conditions about how the Chalmers Center may use your quotes, written feedback, interview content, photos, video, and/or sound recordings:
    • Unless I formally indicate in writing otherwise upon checking-in on the day of the training event, I hereby give my irrevocable consent and permission to Chalmers Center for Economic Development at Covenant College, Inc., a Georgia Corporation (hereinafter, “The Chalmers Center” or the “Company”), having an address of 507 McFarland Road Lookout Mountain GA 30750, its subsidiaries and affiliates, and to their respective legal representatives, successors, assigns and affiliates (collectively, the “Company”), to use, display, reproduce, edit, copyright, broadcast, exhibit, publish, license and sell my likeness, with or without my name, for any purposes whatsoever, including advertising, promotion, trade and/or merchandising. I hereby grant the Company permission to record my likeness and voice, my photograph and/or any other reproduction of me, whether in still or motion pictures, audio or video tape, or digital recordings, including my voice and features, and/or to use any such recordings previously obtained. I agree that all photographs and recordings shall constitute the sole property of the Company, with the full right of disposition in any manner whatsoever. I hereby waive any right of publicity which I may have to such use of my likeness and voice. Use of photography and other recordings by or on behalf of entities other than the Company is expressly authorized by this release. Use of my likeness and voice for any purpose is expressly permitted hereby without a separate agreement regarding such additional usage. My likeness and voice may be used or stored in any media, now known or hereafter discovered (e.g., print, video, audio, Internet, broadcast, digital or electronic, etc.), throughout the world in perpetuity, that is deemed necessary to fulfill the purposes set forth herein. Rights granted herein may be assigned to other individuals or entities.
    • I hereby release, discharge and agree to save harmless the Company, its owners, subsidiaries and affiliates, and their legal representatives, agents, employees, successors and assigns from all losses and liabilities by virtue of any blurring, distortion, alteration, optical illusion, or use in composite form, whether intentional or otherwise, which may occur or be produced in the taking of said pictures, the making of said recordings, and/or the publication thereof.
    • I hereby waive any right that I may have to inspect and/or approve the finished product or the use to which it may be applied.
    • I hereby waive any fee or other compensation from the Company or from any publisher for the photographs or recordings or performances given, or for the use of the rights granted herein or in any republication, reprint, transcription, electronic medium, or recording or any derivative thereof. I waive any claim in connection with the aforementioned use or uses, including, but not limited to, claims relating to defamation, slander, rights of privacy or publicity, libel, copyright or otherwise.
    • I hereby warrant that I am of full age and sound mind, and that I have every right to contract in my own name in the above regard. I state further that I have read this Release prior to its execution, and that I am fully familiar with the contents hereof.
    • This contract is entered into with the understanding that I will not be compensated financially by the Company for this venture.


Your Money

  1. We live in the real world, too. Things happen! But because we have to plan and make purchases in advance, too, you understand that your registration fee is non-refundable & non-transferrable once the online class begins. There’s only one exception: prior to that start of the online course, you can withdraw and receive a refund, less a $50 processing fee.