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Practicing What We Teach

By Kelly M. Kapic March 3, 2020

When we try to help people who are materially poor, we often focus on the habits we think they need to change. But what about our own habits? How do our daily practices affect our ministry with the materially poor?

Kelly M. Kapic

Start with the Story

By Kelly M. Kapic October 10, 2019

When you’re doing ministry, it can feel like telling stories doesn’t count as “real” work. But telling the biblical story—focusing on what God has done, is doing, and will do—is crucial to poverty alleviation.

Congregation worshipping in a church

We Become What We Worship: Why False Stories Hurt Us—And the Poor

By Brian Fikkert April 2, 2019

Every human is worshiping something—and what we worship shapes our entire lives, including our work with people in poverty. When people encounter our poverty alleviation efforts, what will they find us worshiping?

Woman looking out over a city

We Need a Better Story

By Brian Fikkert March 5, 2019

We often build poverty alleviation initiatives that are designed to help poor people pursue the American Dream. But what if all of us—poor and non-poor alike—need a different story?