The Chalmers Center

2018 Financials

By The Chalmers Center / November 8, 2018 /

This year, God richly provided for our financial needs. We’ve seen a 22% increase in contributions over last fiscal year—a testament to the generosity of our financial resource partners! At the same time, our staff has worked to diligently steward our finances, intentionally seeking ways to accomplish our work more effectively and reduce operational expenses.…

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Let’s Celebrate

By The Chalmers Center / November 8, 2018 /

Dear ministry partner, It’s been an exciting year at the Chalmers Center! We embarked on a new three-year strategy designed to unleash churches all over the world to live out the Kingdom of God as they walk alongside people in poverty. It’s been exciting to see the ways that God has already blessed the new…

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A Shared Vision of God’s Kingdom

By The Chalmers Center / September 20, 2018 /

We’re joining with strategic partners around the world to develop biblical, innovative approaches to poverty—and to equip more churches than ever before. This year, we’re celebrating our emerging partnership with Tearfund, a UK-based church-equipping organization. Tearfund has mobilized a worldwide network of more than 154,000 local churches in some of the most challenging places on earth.…

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Finding New Community Through Faith & Finances

By The Chalmers Center / September 11, 2018 /

When one Ohio couple called Love in the Name of Christ (Love INC), they asked for help with housing. But what they found was a supportive community. When Elmer and Dawn contacted Love INC of Greater Holmes County, Elmer was recovering from drug addiction, and the couple was working to regain custody of their three children.…

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Potluck Community: Re-Imagining the Kingdom

By The Chalmers Center / September 4, 2018 /

This year, we released a new book resource designed to help churches re-disciple their members around the vision of the Kingdom of God. Written by community development practitioner Michael Rhodes and Chattanooga pastor Robby Holt, Practicing the King’s Economy explores practical ways for Christians to live out the Kingdom of God in their work, church, family, and…

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Strengthening Local Relationships Through Online Learning

By The Chalmers Center / August 10, 2018 /

Through online learning, Chalmers is making paradigm-shifting resources more accessible to local churches. Located in the heart of Colorado Springs, First Pres has always served its community and reached out around the world. The church has a 150-year history of local and global outreach, and they’ve often turned to resources like When Helping Hurts or Helping Without Hurting…

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Maurice’s Story: Restoration through the Local Church

By The Chalmers Center / July 11, 2018 /

Maurice participated in Faith & Finances at North Avenue Presbyterian Church, where he learned practical skills that helped him overcome financial obstacles. Today, Maurice has a new vision for his future and enjoys renewed relationships with friends and family.

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Savings Group In Togo

By The Chalmers Center / March 25, 2018 /

Savings Groups in Togo from The Chalmers Center on Vimeo. Through partner denominations and ministry organizations, the Chalmers Center equips church leaders to form gospel-driven, church-centered savings groups in their own communities.

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Restoring Work: Jobs Preparedness Training

By The Chalmers Center / June 4, 2015 /

What areas of your life do you long to see reconciled and made new? It may seem like a strange question. But on a summer day in Memphis, TN, a group of people navigating unemployment wrestled with it in powerful ways. One by one, they each described areas of brokenness in their lives that they…

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Discipleship Meets Financial Education: An Interview with Jerilyn Sanders

By The Chalmers Center / May 20, 2014 /

Jerilyn Sanders is the Director of US Training at the Chalmers Center. Her work combines two things: her love for God’s people and her passion for education that empowers the disenfranchised. In this role, Sanders and her team created Faith & Finances, a financial education curriculum that allows the church to minister holistically in its…

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Biblical Truth, Lasting Change: Fe y Finanzas

By The Chalmers Center / March 3, 2014 /

“Antonia, we think of you now when we go in the store and start to buy something. We ask ourselves, ‘Is this a need or a desire?’” In 2013, Antonia Alzate led a field test of Fe y Finanzas, the Spanish-language version of the Chalmers Center’s Faith & Finances program. “I saw the need in…

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Restoration and Hope behind Bars: Faith & Finances

By The Chalmers Center / July 22, 2013 /

Twenty-two women sat around tables, casually eating a classic southern lunch of fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, green beans, and peanut butter pie. They laughed together, swapped stories about their families, and shared about their upcoming plans. It could have been a women’s ministry potluck. But they were not in a church fellowship hall. A…

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